Jiangsu Wister rectifier is specialized in producing complete sets of power semiconductor devices and low-voltage electrical equipment, high-tech enterprise, is specialized in producing all kinds of KP, KS, KG, KK, KE, ZP, MTC, MFC, MTX, and other series thyristor , rectifier solid state relays, SCR semiconductor module components. And low voltage electrical equipment TSC-AR/TSC-A/TSC-W dynamic reactive power compensation capacitor cabinets, TSF filter low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation devices, ZWK, JWK, PWK low voltage AC non-contact electronic switch cabinet, KT system temperature control cabinet power regulator, voltage regulator integrated control, WSF special type silicon furnace filter compensating device the company has a strict management system and the system, and a..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Zhang Dunqiang (Mr.)
    Tel: 13914586399
    Fax: 13914586399
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